Movie Director Year
Cabin Boy Adam Resnick 1993
Cabin Fever Eli Roth 2003
The Cabin in the Woods Drew Goddard 2012
The Cable Guy Ben Stiller 1996
Caddyshack Harold Ramis 1980
Cafe Flesh Stephen Sayadian 1980
Calendar Girls Nigel Cole 2003
Caligula Tinto Brass 1980
Call Northside 777 Henry Hathaway 1948
Cameraperson Kirsten Johnson 2016
Canadian Bacon Michael Moore 1995
Candy Von Dewd and the Girls from Latexploitia Jacques Boyreau 2002
Candyman Bernard Rose 1992
Cannibal Holocaust Ruggero Deodato 1979
Can't Hardly Wait Harry Elfont, Deborah Kaplan 1998
Can't Stand Losing You Andy Grieve 2015
The Canyons Paul Schrader 2013
Cape Fear J. Lee Thompson 1962
Cape Fear Martin Scorsese 1991
Capote Bennett Miller 2005
Capricorn One Peter Hyams 1978
Captain America Albert Pyun 1992
Captain America: The First Avenger Joe Johnston 2011
Captivity Roland Joffé 2007
Caramel Nadine Labaki 2008
Carlito's Way Brian De Palma 1993
Carnal Knowledge Mike Nichols 1971
Carol Todd Haynes 2015
Carrie Brian De Palma 1976
Carrie Kimberly Peirce 2013
Casino Martin Scorsese 1995
Casino Royale Martin Campbell 2006
Cast Away Robert Zemeckis 2000
Castle Freak Stuart Gordon 1996
Casualties of War Brian De Palma 1989
The Cat in the Hat Bo Welch 2003
Cat People Jacques Tourneur 1942
Cat's Eye Lewis Teague 1985
Catch Me If You Can Steven Spielberg 2002
Catch-22 Mike Nichols 1970
Cats and Dogs Lawrence Guterman 2001
Catwoman Pitof 2004
Cecil B. Demented John Waters 2000
Celebrity Woody Allen 1998
Cell Tod Williams 2016
The Cell Tarsem 2000
Celsius 41.11 Kevin Knoblock 2004
Chained for Life Harry L. Fraser 1950
The Chamber James Foley 1996
Chance Amber Benson 2002
Changing Lanes Roger Michell 2002
The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith Fred Schepisi 1978
Chaos David DeFalco 2005
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Tim Burton 2005
Charlie Bartlett Jon Poll 2008
Charlie's Angels McG 2000
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle McG 2003
Chasing Amy Kevin Smith 1997
Cheatin' Bill Plympton 2013
Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This Christian Charles 2010
Cheech & Chong's Next Movie Tommy Chong 1980
Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams Tommy Chong 1981
Cheech & Chong's Still Smokin' Tommy Chong 1983
Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers Tommy Chong 1984
Cheech & Chong's Things are Tough All Over Thomas K. Avildsen 1982
Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke Lou Adler 1978
Cherry Falls Geoffrey Wright 2000
Chicago Rob Marshall 2002
Chicken Run Nick Park 2000
Children of a Lesser God Randa Haines 1986
Children of Men Alfonso Cuaron 2006
Chimes at Midnight Orson Welles 1965
China Girl Abel Ferrara 1987
The China Syndrome James Bridges 1979
Chocolat Lasse Hallstrom 2001
The Chocolate War Keith Gordon 1988
The Choirboys Robert Aldrich 1977
Christine John Carpenter 1983
The Christmas Chronicles Clay Kaytis 2018
A Christmas Story Bob Clark 1983
Chronicle Josh Trank 2012
Chuck & Buck Miguel Arteta 2000
The Cider House Rules Lasse Hallstrom 1999
Citizen Ruth Alexander Payne 1996
City Hall Harold Becker 1996
City of Angels Brad Silberling 1998
City of Hope John Sayles 1991
City Slickers Ron Underwood 1991
A Civil Action Steven Zaillian 1998
Class Action Michael Apted 1991
Clean and Sober Glenn Gordon Caron 1988
Clean, Shaven Lodge H. Kerrigan 1995
Clear and Present Danger Phillip Noyce 1994
Clearcut Ryszard Bugajski 1992
Clerks Kevin Smith 1994
Clerks 2 Kevin Smith 2005
Clockers Spike Lee 1995
A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick 1971
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Steven Spielberg 1977
Closer Mike Nichols 2004
Closet Land Radha Bharadwaj 1990
Cloud Atlas Wachowski/Tykwer 2012
Cloverfield Matt Reeves 2008
Clownhouse Victor Salva 1988
Clueless Amy Heckerling 1995
Cobb Ron Shelton 1994
The Cocaine Fiends William A. O'Connor 1936
Cocoon Ron Howard 1985
Cold Blooded Jason Lapeyre 2012
Cold Comfort Farm John Schlesinger 1995
Cold War Paweł Pawlikowski 2018
Collateral Michael Mann 2004
Color of Night Richard Rush 1994
The Color Purple Steven Spielberg 1986
Colors Dennis Hopper 1988
Colossal Nacho Vigalondo 2016
Combat Shock Buddy Giovinazzo 1986
Comic Book Confidential Ron Mann 1989
Comic Book Villains James Robinson 2002
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind George Clooney 2002
The Confessions of Robert Crumb 1987
Congo Frank Marshall 1995
The Conjuring James Wan 2013
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes J. Lee Thompson 1972
Conspiracy Theory Richard Donner 1997
The Constant Gardener Fernando Meirelles 2005
Constantine Francis Lawrence 2005
Contagion Steven Soderbergh 2011
Contact Robert Zemeckis 1997
The Contender Rod Lurie 2000
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover Peter Greenaway 1989
Cool as Ice David Kellogg 1991
Cool World Ralph Bakshi 1992
Coonskin Ralph Bakshi 1975
Cop Land James Mangold 1997
Copycat Jon Amiel 1995
Corrupt Roberto Faenza 1983
Coraline Henry Selick 2009
Corpse Bride Tim Burton 2005
Cosmopolis David Cronenberg 2012
The Counselor Ridley Scott 2013
Countdown Robert Altman 1968
Courage Under Fire Edward Zwick 1996
Cousin Bobby Jonathan Demme 1992
Coyote Ugly David McNally 2000
CQ Roman Coppola 2002
Cradle Will Rock Tim Robbins 1999
The Craft Andrew Fleming 1996
Crank / Crank: High Voltage Neveldine/Taylor 2006/2009
Crash David Cronenberg 1996
Crash Paul Haggis 2005
The Crazies George A. Romero 1973
The Crazies Breck Eisner 2010
Crazy Heart Scott Cooper 2009
Creepshow George A. Romero 1982
Crimes and Misdemeanors Woody Allen 1989
Crimes of Passion Ken Russell 1984
Crimes of the Future David Cronenberg 1970
Crimewave Sam Raimi 1985
Criminal Law Martin Campbell 1989
Crimson Tide Tony Scott 1995
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course John Stainton 2002
Cronos Guillermo del Toro 1992
Crooklyn Spike Lee 1994
The Crossing Guard Sean Penn 1995
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ang Lee 2000
The Crow Alex Proyas 1994
The Crucible Nicholas Hytner 1996
Cruel Intentions Roger Kumble 1999
Cruising William Friedkin 1980
Crumb Terry Zwigoff 1995
The Crush Alan Shapiro 1993
Cry-Baby John Waters 1990
Cry Freedom Richard Attenborough 1987
Cujo Lewis Teague 1983
Curly Sue John Hughes 1991
The Curse of the Cat People Gunther von Frisch, Robert Wise 1944
Curse of the Golden Flower Zhang Yimou 2006
Cursed Wes Craven 2005
Cutthroat Island Renny Harlin 1995